The Built Environment and Habitual Physical Activity: CRESH Seminar by Takemi Sugiyama

Title: The Built Environment and Habitual Physical Activity
Presenter: Takemi Sugiyama
Date: Tuesday 28th May 2013
Time: 1200 – 1300 hrs
Venue: Old Library, Institute of Geography, Drummond Street, EH8 9XP.

Abstract: In order to address population-level physical inactivity, ongoing research has examined associations of the built environment and physical activity. Ecological models — that recognise the importance of multiple influences on physical activity, including individual, social and environmental factors — provide theoretical underpinnings for such research. Reflecting upon past research in this area, this seminar proposes an extended ecological model, in which physical activity is divided into two phases: initiation and maintenance. It can be postulated that individual and social factors play an important role in helping people to start physical activity, while environmental factors may be more relevant to the maintenance of physical activity. The seminar presents findings of studies conducted in Australia that examined environmental attributes associated with the initiation and maintenance of adults’ walking.

Short Bio: Takemi Sugiyama is Senior Research Fellow in Social Epidemiology & Evaluation Research Group, School of Population Heath, University of South Australia. He has a Master of Architecture from Virginia Tech, PhD from Faculty of Architecture, University of Sydney, and has worked with Professor Catharine Ward Thompson at OPENspace Research Centre. His current research focuses on neighbourhood environmental attributes associated with physical activity and sedentary behaviour, and the health impact of active and sedentary transport.

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