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Jobs at the GCRF Centre for Sustainable, Healthy and Learning Cities and Neighbourhoods

Five Research Fellow posts are available at the GCRF Centre for Sustainable, Healthy and Learning Cities and Neighbourhoods (SHLC). SHLC is one of the 37 major projects funded for 4 years by the Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF) Research Councils UK Collective Fund, which aims to build upon research knowledge in the UK, and strengthen research capacity overseas, to help address challenges in the developing countries.

SHLC will conduct comparative studies of urbanisation and the formation and differentiation of neighbourhoods in cities in order to address the challenges associated with large-scale rural-to-urban migration in Africa and Asia. The Centre, based at Glasgow, has eight international partners in South Africa, Tanzania, Rwanda, India, Bangladesh, China and the Philippines.

These jobs require expert knowledge in the areas of education, health, or urban studies in relation to developing countries from the perspective of development studies, geography, urban planning, urban studies, migration, public policy or other relevant social science disciplines.

Specifically, we expect each of the five posts to contribute specialist knowledge to the Centre in at least one of the following areas:

  • Cities, urbanisation and urban development in Africa, South Asia and/or East Asia
  • Education policy research and provision in developing countries
  • Health policy research and health facility provision in developing countries
  • Quantitative research and analytical skills including social survey, spatial analysis, GIS, Big Data.
  • Qualitative research and analytical skills and methods

    For further information and applying, please visit the following web site:

    Search College of Social Sciences (Job Reference Number: 019448) Closing Date: 13th December 2017

GIS job – come and work with us

We have a great job going. It’s at the MRC/CSO Social and Public Health Sciences Unit in Glasgow. Your role will be within the Neighbourhoods and Communities Programme . Your job will be to support the Programme Leader in developing research furthering our understanding of how social and physical environment might improve public health and reduce health inequalities. We’re looking for someone who can use GIS and write code. Specifically, you will be obtaining and preparing large spatial datasets, manipulating them in GIS, writing project specific code in a general purpose programming language, preferably Python or R, and carrying out research examining relationships between environment and population health. This job requires the ability to create and code innovative solutions to data handling and data analysis problems. Plenty of chances to contribute to publications and grant applications too. No need to have a PhD – we’re more interested in your skills…. 

More details, including how to apply, how much you could get paid etc here.

The closing date for applications is 22nd October.

Rich Mitchell would be delighted to discuss the post with you.


 Main Duties and Responsibilities

Perform the following activities in conjunction with and under the guidance of the Principal Investigator (PI):

1. Plan and conduct assigned research into environment and health, individually or jointly in accordance with the programme’s development strategy.

2. Contribute to the development and implementation of new methods and approaches to understanding how neighbourhood environments do, and might, affect health.

3. Develop, test and implement custom scripts/code to enable the handling and analysis of large spatial datasets.

4. Document research output including analysis and interpretation of all data, maintaining records and managing databases, drafting technical/progress reports and papers as appropriate.

5. Contribute to the organisation, supervision, mentoring and training of undergraduate and/or postgraduate students and less experienced members of staff of the project team to ensure their effective development.

6. Develop and enhance your research profile and reputation and that of The University of Glasgow, SPHSU and Neighbourhoods and Communities Programme, including contributing to publications of international quality in high profile/quality refereed journals, enhancing the research impact in terms of economic/societal benefit, and gathering indicators of esteem.

7. Contribute to the presentation of work at international and national conferences, at internal and external seminars, colloquia and workshops to develop and enhance our research profile.

8. Contribute to the identification of potential funding sources and assist in the development of proposals to secure funding from internal and external bodies to support future research.

9. Collaborate with colleagues and participate in team/group meetings/seminars/workshops across SPHSU/Institute of Health and Wellbeing/ University and wider community (e.g academic partners).

10. Perform administrative tasks related to the activities of the research group including budgets/expenditure.

11. Contribute to outreach activities of the University of Glasgow.

12. Carry out modest teaching activities (e.g demonstrating etc) and associated administration as assigned by the Directors of cognate Research Institutes and in consultation with Principal Investigators.

13. Keep up to date with current knowledge and recent advances in the field/discipline.

14. Engage in personal, professional and career development to enhance both specialist and transferable skills in accordance with desired career trajectory.

15. Undertake any other duties of equivalent standing as assigned by Directors of cognate Research Institutes and/or PIs.15. Contribute to the enhancement of the University’s International profile in line with the Strategic Plan, Glasgow 2020 – A Global Vision.

Salary Range£28,098 – £31,604 per annum

Job available: research associate, looking at impacts of woodlands on health

The CRESH team have a new post available. We’re looking for a quantitative researcher to work with us, and our colleagues at OPENspace, on a project looking at the impact of woodland improvement on community health. You can read more about the project in our protocol paper.

The job will be based in Glasgow and has funding until the 31 March 2017. The closing date for applications is 27 March 2016.

Continue reading Job available: research associate, looking at impacts of woodlands on health

Job Opportunity: Administrative Assistant in CRESH

We’re looking for a full-time Administrative Assistant to help us with our research work for 5.5 months.  The postholder will assist in gathering, transcribing and inputting historic data from archives, as part of a project that is looking at how places influence our health across the course of our lives (part of the larger Mobility, Mood and Place project).  More information here.

Job available at CRESH, analysing travel behaviours and accident data

We have a 12 month research post available here in Glasgow. The post holder will contribute to  an interdisciplinary study of the health impacts of a new urban motorway, funded by the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR). The post holder will develop and deliver quantitative analysis of existing national datasets to evaluate the impact of the motorway on road traffic casualties, and to describe concurrent regional and national trends in travel behaviour and neighbourhood perceptions.  We’re looking for someone with experience in using time series models. Continue reading Job available at CRESH, analysing travel behaviours and accident data

Research post available (the contribution of natural and cultural heritage to population health)

CRESH has a new short term research post available , based in Glasgow

The purpose of the post is to undertake research and development for a project assessing and valuing the contribution of natural and cultural heritage to population health, wellbeing and happiness in Scotland. The project aims to explore whether an influence of Scotland’s cultural and natural heritage on health, wellbeing and happiness can be detected, measured and economically valued using secondary survey and routinely collected data. This post is to assess feasibility and, if possible, to develop a suitable approach. To that end, the job will involve reviewing relevant literature and existing practices, finding and appraising existing data sets which could contribute, beginning the design of appropriate methods (if feasible) and helping to build a coalition of interested parties and funders. The National Trust for Scotland (NTS) owns and manages some of Scotland’s greatest natural and cultural heritage and this project will be a collaboration between NTS and the University of Glasgow. This post might suit a range of numerate backgrounds including (but not limited to) economics, social or environmental science.

Main Duties and Responsibilities

1. To play a leading role in reviewing the relevant literature and in the search for key extant data sets that could be used in this project.

2. To play a leading role in assessing the feasibility of assessing and valuing the contribution of natural and cultural heritage to population health, wellbeing and happiness in Scotland, via secondary data sets and, if deemed feasible, in specifying the methods to be used.

3. To liaise with the NTS, including securing access to any useful data they have and can share, and communicating the progress of the project and its findings.

4. To document the progress of the research, administer team meetings and write progress blog posts as required.

5. To write up the findings/outcomes in a preliminary report.

6. To collaborate with other members of the group, and external interested parties as appropriate, in order to develop the work of the group as a whole.

7. To undertake or assist with the dissemination of the project progress and findings through presentations to a variety of audiences and, if appropriate, academic paper(s).

8. To assist, if required, in the preparation of further funding bids to continue the project.

9. To collaborate with colleagues and participate in team meetings/discussions and centre research group activities.

Salary will be on the University’s Research and Teaching Grade, level 7, £31,948 – £35,938 per annum.

This post is fixed term for 6 months. To find out more contact

Closing date: Friday 18th May 2012.

You can apply online here