Joanna Stewart (PhD student)

joannaI have a BA (Hons) and MRes in geography from at the University of Strathclyde, an MSc in City Planning and Regeneration from the University of Glasgow, and am now doing a PhD in the Department of Public Health at the University of Glasgow. In between degrees I have worked with students with disabilities, as a researcher for the Royal Town Planning Institute in Scotland, and as a research assistant in the Urban Studies department at the University of Glasgow.

My PhD is examining if the development of Glasgow socio-spatial structure explains its excess mortality. Liverpool and Manchester have similar levels of deprivation to Glasgow but their mortality rates are significantly lower. Through the use of GIS I will trace the development of the spatial pattern of deprivation in all three cities in order to identify if there are any intercity differences in this development and examine how these differences are related to Glasgow’s mortality rates. This PhD is being done under the supervision of Prof. Rich Mitchell, Dr. Mark Livingston and David Walsh and is funded by the Glasgow Centre for Population Health.

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