Dr Mark Cherrie

MarkCI studied at the University of Edinburgh for my undergraduate degree in Geography MA (Hons.). I completed my PhD at Peninsula College of Medicine and Dentistry in 2015. During my PhD I undertook an internship at the Dot.rural hub (University of Aberdeen), investigating the role of traditional and social media on sunbed and e-cigarette behaviour. My PhD was concerned with understanding the association between ultraviolet radiation, through vitamin D production, and allergic diseases. In collaboration with the Met Office and Centre for Longitudinal Studies, several models were developed to examine the effect of UV exposure across life for participants of the 1958 Birth Cohort. After my PhD I worked on the Medical & Environmental Data Mash-up Infrastructure project at the European Centre for Environment and Human Health as a postdoctoral researcher. Several analyses were undertaken including: time series data mining to detect the seasonality of infectious diseases, modelling the interaction between air pollution and green space on asthma hospital admissions and the development of long-term UV exposure estimates for future linkage with bone health outcomes.

In February 2016 I joined CRESH as a postdoctoral researcher to work on the Mood Mobility and Place project with Dr. Niamh Shortt and Prof. Jamie Pearce from CRESH and a number of other researchers outwith the centre. This project, funded by the EPSRC, aims to explore how physical, built and social environments change over time and shape mobility and health in later life. We are using a number of data sources, for example censuses and civic surveys, which will be appended to the Lothian Birth Cohort.

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