Anna Kenyon (PhD student)

annaI have a BA (Hons) in Political Science from the University of Birmingham and a Certificate in Health Psychology from the University of London.

Following graduation I spent 6 years working in health and social care in London.  My work included an internship at the Institute for Public Policy Research looking at the impact of neighbourhood noise, developing an evaluation for a new community alarms service in Greenwich Primary Care Trust and working as a researcher for the Public Health team at Southwark Primary Care Trust.  At Southwark I managed several research projects into physical activity, sexual health, mental health and telehealth.

I am currently undertaking a PhD in the built environment and inequalities in physical activity under the supervision of Jamie Pearce and Richard Mitchell.  This Scottish study will examine whether key characteristics of the built environment are associated with the physical activity levels and physical activity-related health outcomes of local residents.  In addition, the research will identify the effects of the built environment on inequalities in physical activity and related health outcomes between different social and ethnic groups.

My PhD is funded by the Economic and Social Research Council

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